A quick guide to make it easier to understand the difference between our leggings. We have 4 totally different fabrications that feel completely different on the body. Find out which ones are best for you.

01. Super-Sculpt Seamless

Shapewear you don't have to hide

We design body mapping garments using market-leading seamless technology, with technical yarns and high-grade elastane to sculpt and shape. The result is exceptionally high coverage, performance garments creating supremely sculpted silhouettes.

Available in 8/8 (full) length + 7/8 (ankle) length.
Ideal for: Running, Cycling + Weights

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02. Peach Perfect (Seamed)

firm hold, soft touch

Our most sculpting 'seamed' legging. Like an iron fist in a velvet glove, this brushed fabric feels soft but holds firm.

Available in 7/8 (ankle) length.
Ideal for: Running, HIIT, Weights, Cycling

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