Coffee is already one of the most popular drinks for turning those blurry-eyed mornings into bright-eyed days. Most of us have at least 1 cup a day to keep us going. So, when looking for an extra boost in your workouts, surely this is the best answer? We’re breaking down the benefits of having a QUALITY cup of coffee before you workout and when you may want to avoid it.
To make a long story short, coffee can actually have a positive impact on your next session with a variety of research showing the caffeine kick as an effective ergogenic aid in both strength and cardio training. Doing the same exercise with and without coffee, you’d be likely to notice the caffeinated session has:
- Increase motivation, focus and alertness (to get out of bed in the first place)
- Increased strength and endurance so exercise seems easier
- Increased metabolism
- Improved blood flow to the body & muscles during exercise
- Decreased muscle pain during a workout
And its effects may outlast your workout as it contains polyphenols that can reduce inflammation in the body and lead to less muscle soreness long after you’ve put down the squat bar. So the next-day pain that keeps you from pushing your max, that excuse won’t work so well anymore.
Ozone Coffee & One of Their Farms
Sounds great right?
If you’re thinking maybe an extra shot of espresso before your PT session is the way to go, maybe don’t heat up the Nespresso just yet.
Consider first how caffeine normally affects you and even if you do have a solid track record with caffeine, have it with your normal pre-planned meal or snack, not in place of it. Your intestines will thank you later.
And don’t think that cup of joe you had 4 hours ago is going to work miracles. Coffee gives you a boost, but you need to time it right to get the most from your regime. 45-60 minutes prior to exercise, that’s the magic number to get the most benefit, essentially giving the liquid time to absorb into your bloodstream.
Finally, consider the amount and type of coffee you’re ingesting. It’s recommended to NEVER have more than 400 mg of coffee per day, that’s 3-4 cups (whoops), and you want to drink the right kind of coffee. Trust your taste buds, if the coffee your drinking tastes bad, it could be your body telling you that it’s low quality, which can be toxic. Our favourite bean almost always contain mycrotoxins, damaging compounds created by moulds which grow on coffee beans. Lower quality, cheaper coffee can contain a higher percentage of these mycrotoxins because of its quality. So, avoid the potential health affects of the cheap stuff and invest in a quality cup.
For that very reason, we’ve partnered with creators of truly quality coffee, Ozone. Founded over 20 years ago in New Zealand, their responsibly-sourced organic beans are some of our favourites in the LNDR office and they aren’t just for die-hard, grind their own beans types.
Now in the final stages of their B-Corp application, Ozone are committed to adopting even more responsible business practices, taking their commitments to people and the earth to the next level. Better products, better for the planet; something we believe in and love supporting other brands working on similar missions.
They have a full range available, even pods for your trusty Nespresso. And right now, the first 25 LNDR orders made in the UK each day from the 14-24 December, 2021 will come with a free box of Ozone Nespresso pods.  
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