About us


LNDR was founded by three active, international women, based in London, who wanted to create a brand around "the lifestyle we want to live, the products we want to wear, and the people we wanted to hang out with."

Active, working, city lifestyles.

Work hard,
wine & margaritas.

Work hard because you love it and thrive on the challenge; Workout because it clears your head; and wine + margaritas because all the best ideas come after one or both of those.


We genuinely believe in better quality products and less of them. We believe the day of fast fashion is over - for state of mind and the planet. We don’t want a new outfit every month. We want hands down great products that we don’t have to think about.

LNDR products are made with cutting-edge technology and a fanatical attitude towards quality and fit. It can take factories up to 20 times longer to knit LNDR seamless leggings, for instance, compared to other brands. Each and every LNDR product is precision engineered to perform, whether you’re sweating through a METCON, pounding the city streets, or meeting up with mates at the pub for a few well-earned negroni's. 

Clean, fresh styling and tonal colour-ways make for easy-to-wear, put-together looks that you can just throw on and go. We don’t do trends, gimmicks, influencers or compromise. We just do killer kit that feels as great as it looks.


In Jan 2018 Nike launched a campaign called “Nothing beats an LDNR”. Promoted prominently on social media, in live events, merchandising giveaways and in-store displays, the LDNR campaign also featured a TV advert including the likes of Sir Mo Farah, Harry Kane and Skepta (seen wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with 'LDNR'). 

We immediately filed for an interim injunction with the Intellectual Property Court - which we won and then later made permanent at trial, preventing Nike from ever using the term LDNR in future. 

During court it was found that Nike had conducted a trademark search six months before launching and knew about LNDR's trademarks but went ahead with using 'LDNR' regardless. In some cases, actually using the registered trademark â symbol next to their ‘LDNR’ Nike logo.